This clone is from the Pfalz region in Germany and produces a brilliant dry Riesling with notes of spice. Riesling is making a resurgence in the United States and is typically paired with Asian foods and makes an excellent stand alone wine for a nice summer day. It has a moderate yield and is fairly unique to the Applegate Valley. Our hillside planting is reminiscent of its German origins along the Weinstrasse.

Riseling Clone 90


Portugal's finest cultivar and cousin of Tempranillo. It has a small yield per vine and requires special attention due to its vigorous canopy. The resultant table wine has excellent structure with high tannin levels. The nose is filled with dark berry aromas reminiscent of blackberries or blueberries. Pairs well with red meat or dark chocolate. It is also the central component of many port wines. This is our flagship heirloom varietal which can be served as a dessert wine or a table wine.