Wine coming 2014

Our Wines

Our small vineyard produces both Touriga Nacional and Riesling clone 90.   We project 2 tons of the Riesling and 3.5 tons of Touriga Nacional for each harvest but the weather plays a big factor in how successful we are in any given year.   The concept of vintage is central to any winemaking process so every year is unique and provides us an opportunity to produce some very fine wines.   We hope you visit a local wine merchant or restaurant to sample our latest vintage.   



The Pavo Real Wine Team

Touriga Nacional

Our flagship heirloom wine Touriga Nacional is a great table wine for dinner or as an after dinner wine.   It has very good structure, berry aromas, and nice astringency.   The weather is our main ally in the creation of this fine wine.   Here in the Applegate Valley we receive over 2600 degree days which is plenty to ripen our fruit.  The key to any wine is farming it correctly and paying close attention to the vines daily. The old saying that the number of footprints the winemaker takes in his vineyard is reflected in the quality of resultant wine has never been more true then here in Southern Oregon.

Riesling clone 90

This particular clone is from Germany and brings with it a unique set of flavors that are specific to this clone.   We expect to ferment this wine to dryness to give us a crisp Riesling with notes of spice, tropical fruits, mineral stone, and flowers.  Typically, Riesling is served with Thai and Chinese foods due to their flavorful nature.   Riesling is strong enough to pair well with salty foods as well. One of the unique characteristics of this wine is that it is represented well by its we will see what the Applegate Valley has to offer.